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Quantum Allergy

"Quantum Allergy brings the body into optimal balance. "

Quantum Allergy is a method to bring the body into optimal balance. Every organ and every cell has its own unique vibration, or frequency. This vibration can be unbalanced for any reason by a reaction to one or more substances. In this way, an allergy or disturbance in the body occurs, that in turn leads to complaints.

Disturbances may be caused by ingested substances (food, drink, medicines), inhaled substances, contact with substances, injected substances (vaccinations, insects), viruses, bacteria and fungi. Physical, emotional and genetic influences can play a role as well.

The disturbances can manifest themselves in the form of allergies, intolerances, hypersensitivity but also in the form of other physical and emotional complaints, such as ADHD, asthma, blood pressure problems, abdominal pain, bronchitis, diarrhoea, eczema, flu, cavity inflammation/oritis, coughing, hay fever, headache, itching, knee pain, learning problems, pneumonia, migraine, earache, rheumatism, spastic intestine, fungal infection, fatigue, colds. In fact, just about everything that can bother you.

In order to know what disturbs the balance I use a simple muscle test via the arm or fingers and with the help of test tubes, to test whether the client reacts strongly or weakly to a certain substance.

To restore the balance, I use balancing and breathing techniques, visualizations and knocking on the back to reset, as it were, the body. Through all the nerves that end connect your back, your brain receives signals. Your body will relearn to react normally to what, until then, has been seen as a disturbance.

In this way, disruptive patterns are transformed. After the reset, your body no longer reacts allergically to the substance. Complaints will diminish or disappear. As a practitioner I give my clients lifestyle advice.

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