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"Marion facilitated a breakthrough in my situation of serious illness."

Marion facilitated a breakthrough in my situation of serious illness (ME, chronic fatigue syndrome). Under her guidance and treatment I was able to integrate and apply everything I knew about recovery. After ten years of being more or less completely bedridden, I was able to live again. Who would have thought that was possible two (!) months ago?

Before I came to Marion, I had already had a number of (sometimes) healing, psychic, somatic and spiritual experiences. But quantum therapy in the way Marion practices it, immediately changed something. I don’t mean that life and pain can be transformed into something positive from one moment to the next, but the driving force for change can suddenly present itself. In my case this energy emerged within the very first hour and I don’t know of anyone other than Marion who manages to do this in such a gentle way, even during Skype sessions. Marion is a therapeutic, emotional and intellectual angel; her dedication to life instantly enables you to understand what basic trust feels like and her creativity doesn’t just generate freedom, it is freedom.

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Just over a year ago I decided to contact Marion because my husband and I wanted a child but for years we had been unable to achieve a successful pregnancy. . (…) Whether you want to call it a miracle or not, in May 2016 our son was born. It’s not just that I’ve finally become a mother after all these years, but I also feel more connected to my inner strength. I could never have accomplished this without Marion’s help.
What I experienced was immense and I am hugely grateful both to Marion and the universe. But I’m also convinced that Marion’s healings are effective for smaller issues too. Depending on where you are in life the changes will be large or small and immediately noticeable or only later on. The strength is in yourself, but sometimes it’s really great to have someone like Marion help you get in touch with it again.

I had been suffering for two months from a problem with my oesophagus, and since the healing the problem has disappeared completely! So the delta frequency you mentioned occupied the entire space. Very special.

Thank you for your wonderful session. My heart is finally truly open.

It is with a warm feeling that I think back to the sessions I was able to do with you. The sessions gave me the confidence and calmness to surrender more deeply to the consciousness (spiritual power) that works through us, through me. What a gift that you are able to help people this way. Thank you.

Every now and then I return to the space and silence I experienced during the treatment. This is really beneficial for me.

I changed a lot after the first session. More peaceful, positive. I even bought an indoor sport bike for purpose of sport exercising (which never happened before). So...thank you for this everything! great to see changes like a magic that happens in a real life.·


.My skin eczema was much better after the first session.