Psychosynthesis Therapy

Psychosynthesis Therapy Amsterdam

Whether consciously or subconsciously, each of us longs to connect the various aspects of our personality on ever more levels. It is possible to consciously support this process, and psychosynthesis is a good way to do so.

Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis, recognised that not only do we suppress painful, difficult or shameful memories from childhood, but we often also hide our longing for something greater, our talents, abilities and gifts. Psychosynthesis is as much about repairing and healing the wounded parts of our psyche as it is about uncovering and bringing to maturity our enormous potential as human beings.

During our counselling sessions, we look at the human being from the perspective of health and potential, rather than ‘illness’ and deficiency. The therapeutic relationship is key. Much of our greatest pain was caused in the past because we were not seen for who we really are. Truly being seen by another can be the way back to wholeness.

In therapy, I focus on the will and the self-healing abilities of the person I counsel. Psychosynthesis starts from the premise that you are the source of all information needed for your process, that your Self acts as an inner guide and healer, guiding your intuition, wisdom and the power of your will. Learning to trust the development of your own process is an important aspect of therapy.   

Counselling usually takes the form of conversation, often combined with meditations, visualisations, body work and working with ‘subpersonalities’, as they are called in psychosynthesis. In addition, I like to make use of silence during my counselling sessions.